Does noise make you tired and hurt your head?

Ever since my bleed and craniotomy noise seems to hurt my head and cause more fatigue. Slowly I seem to tolerate more stimulation but it is frustrating. I am home alone all week. When my husband and son are here it is a lot harder. I love to see them and spend time with them but my brain seems to be able to tolerate just so much talking and noise. They are out playing baseball now and I took a nap. I wonder how long this symptom continues. I feel like the Grinch-"oh the Noise, Noise, Noise.

I still have my AVM and not only noise, but night driving from lights and the kids playing.
It is hard and even harder when you look like everything is fine. I pray for a good recovery. keep us posted!

I dont know.I was that way when I had my bleed a few months ago,I had a massive bleed in my brain just above my eyes and noise ,talking, light,bending over, all hurt,its been from a week before christmas and it still hurts, I go in ,on the 4th of april to have my avm removed from my brain((yikes)) they will glue it and then three days later cut it out,im still gettingover the bleed, but i will bleed from the avm,so........Ive had a headache for four months now from the bleed,cant wait till I start to feel like me again,maybe one day,God is great i tell myself because im alive and blessed with a super family and doctor! and friends who love me very much!

Yes! I only had gamme, but noise is a major problem. I walked past a sanitation truck last week, it was draining a sewer line and it nearly knocked me to the sidewalk. For days after I had a migraine that just would not go away. Lights, noise, even my husbands sneezes hurt.

i find that noise…lights…me be tired and especially when im bout to
start my monthly cycle are all things that cause me to have realy
bad hedaches…its gottn so bad that i have to lay down in the dark.
…i get nauseous…i hate it because i dont like my kids to see me like
that…and i dont like feeling helpless but its something i have to deal
with…luckily i have an amazing mom n partner who undersand n help

I'm nearly 4 years post bleed/crani and noise still causes me problems. I cannot tolerate noise nearly as much as I used to be able to. It definitely makes me more tired. Over stimulation is difficult for an injured and healing brain. Taking naps is essential sometimes. Don't feel like you have to explain it. It just is what it is. Do what you need to do.

Interesting, it's been almost 20 years but in the past few years just realizing how much even light on a cloud day can bug me. Car lights can be unbearable.

mine is worse on a sunny day and driving through trees, the constant change from light to shadows really affects me to the point i have to cover my eyes ( good job im not allowed to drive) certain shop have the florescent lights and these really trouble me too as for noise it makes me really narky especially kids which is such a shame cos i used to love hearing the kids playing. now i make sure i always have a pair of sunglasses, i avoid the shops with dodgy lights and have my mp3 player handy for those noisy times when i want to watch my children play.

I haven't had a bleed yet or a crainio but I can't tolerate much noise or chatter. I rarely talk on the phone and my TV is rarely ever on because I can't stand it! I makes me very tired.

Musician earplugs really help me with noise. My biggest headache trigger is noise. A bus going by or jackhammer can make the pain so bad I pass out. Muscicians earplugs or even the cheap foam kind make it possible for me to be out in public. You can get them through an audiologist and they are better than foam because they don’t distort the sound, they just literally turn the volume down on everything 25 dB. I also carry a set of shooting earmuffs, so if it’s super loud I wear the earmuffs over the earplugs. I still struggle with fatigue, but “turning the volume down” has made an incredible difference in my stamina.

Wow, I thought I was alone in this, I guess not! Loud noise is soooo annoying to me now, a loud bar or restaurant can trigger a migraine for me, especially going from a nice quiet area into a loud one, that one can cause an immediate migraine and the scintillating scotoma thing that floats around in my eye.

I live right next to a busy car repair shop, I could stand the noise just fine before the AVM blew, but now every little thing grates on my nerves. I want to move so badly just because of it, but I can't find a decent place. They are idling engines all day, revving them, starting wheezy coughing engines over and over and over, vacuuming, running air compressors, big loud trucks rumbling in and out all day. . . It just sets me on edge and I want to get away so badly. I need a quiet place to think and relax, it feels like I can't relax when all that is going on and it goes on 7 days a week! Nobody understands how the noise can make me feel crazy, but I swear it does.

And when there are 2 noises going on at one time, like if someone's talking to me but there is someone else talking around me, I have trouble focusing on the one I should be listening to. It makes it really hard to socialize now.