Does anyone know how to relieve a headache?

I take two pills my doctor game me, they are combos of ibupropen, caffiene, and bupoprion. It helps a little. I also remove all light from the room, get in bed, and cover my head...

I am sorry to tell you they never go away I am telling you it does help me to put my hands on it for to help and some times I feel like someone has pulled on my hair its so tender it hurts to brush it I am sorry to tell you this but I sure hope you have better luck than me . no matter what you are lucky you are still here to tell your side :) god bless.

My wife suffers from the same headaches. I took her to the ER with stroke like symptoms and they diagnosed an AVM. That wwas 4 weeksa ago. They put her on anti-seizure meds and an anti-inflammatory. She still has the headaches and other symptoms. She sees the neurosurgeaon in 2 days. Tylenol did nothing. The meds may be helping a little. She's just been dealing with them until she gets to the doctor.

hi gaahla i think its hard for loved ones to understand what your goin through because maby they have to go through similer problems and its probly a mixture of fear aswell but stay strong yourself and try and stay positive

Thanks James for sharing. If you have an AVM I hope your doctor knows since everyone is saying very strongly that Advil is really dangerous because it thins the well, it's better to avoid caffiene too. Hopefully you're in the clear and that's why you take that...?

Well wishes,

Thanks Chrisccc,

Do you know what the anti-inflammatory is? I'm really struggling with not taking ibuprofen, as I took it every day before and if I had a substitute that wasn't related to aspirin (as ibuprofen is), then I'd be happy to try it.

Best wishes on your wife's neurosurgeon appointment. Mine is also in 2 days. Fingers crossed for us all!


Thanks Padraig,

Ya, it's hard to say. I don't think those friends I told are going through similar problems but it was clearly hard for them to deal for whatever reason. I haven't been telling people any more. I don't want to get bummed out by people's weird reactions.

It's nice that I can talk to people on here about it.
Thanks for your message.


I hope they will go away eventually--for both of us. They're not something I'm willing to keep having! No way!

Well wishes!

Strong coffee has also been a great way to get rid of them and I got a burr mill and a coffee press and I can't believe how good it works on headaches and real bad migraines, You get so much more of the essential oils and I think that helps along with the caffeine as well but soda does not do it which people think because of the caffeine but a nice hot cup of fresh coffee does wonders

Hey there gaahla. My avm ruptured in 2011 in the brainstem. I had cyberknife back in 2012 to obliterate it. But the avm has left with a constant headache very similar to a migraine. I’ve seen many puschiatrists and recurve da bunch of follow up mris that really concluded nothing. They currently had me on a low dosage of tramadol (after countless failed trials of less severe barbituits) so I’ve been through a bunch and unfortunately feel/share your pain. The best advice is honestly trial/error (hopefully less error and trials.

I’m no dr. But have you tried any more natural solutions?? I take several suplimentnd that honestly help a ton. One supliment is quercetin. It’s take once daily or as needed. It’s for cardiovascular support and swelling. Fish oil helps as well. Both are glutin free I don’t give you on the pharmaceuticals but these def help the headaches abnf give yiur kidneys abd liver a break.

Also just for a quick fix- peppermint extract or oil on your temples wgen you got a headache helps a whole lot. It’s one of the newer methods I’ve been trying snd though it will not give yiur head less pain like pills for hours/ it will give your head a break at least temporarily until the meds kick in or the pain dissipates It also smells pretty good !!

Hopefully some of this info helps a little Im still searching for a more consistent cease to headaches but sone of the supplements and alternatives I’ve found along the way are better than popping tylonel or similar pills three times daily. That stuff ain’t so good for you in the long run.

Good luck and if I find any better alternatives or meds I’ll let tiu know !!

Take care and best of luck !!


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