Does anyone else have problems knowing what is a real memory and what isn't?

Hey everyone, I was just having some problems lately with my memory. It's like I'm confabulating, but I feel like they are different from my previous confabulations and that they are so infrequent that they are real memories....My mom thinks it's just me being ditzy, but I get really confused a lot. I think things happen, that people say things or that I got an email that I never got, and when I go back to find the email etc., it's not there. It's really disheartening because then I start to doubt everything. Does anyone know when these kind of things clear up??

I still have them, almost 2 years since my bleed. What's really frustrating is that I try to explain it and get told "Oh, I forget things and remember things wrong all the time". I've been alive and having things slip my mind for a while; this is not the same thing. It's hard to articulate the difference, because my brain misplaces words all the time. And I don't know that unless someone has really felt what it's like that they'd get it.
It's not you being ditzy. I don't know that there's any timeframe for it getting better, or even how much better it will get for you, but you aren't alone.

Yeah! My parents always tell me it’s just me spacing things, and it’s not the same…

its difficult sometimes. sometimes i will type here, and suddenly i wont be able to remember how to properly type a word - i would be very frustrated, because i know ive typed this word before. Then i start to think, whats happeneing to my memory!?

Best thing to do, is try not to worry. An AVM is an AVM - its not dementia, or a type that will just get worse and worse. Your AVM bleed has damaged u, but it can heal, so if anything, your memory WILL improve.



and when people say they forget stuff all the time they are just trying to downplay the issue so you don't feel bad.

I know that's what they think they're doing, but what I hear is "You don't have an actual problem, you're just being dumb". It makes me feel worse, not better.

YES. My mom always tells me I'm just confusing things, but it is totally not confusion. That makes me feel worse too. Especially when I remember conversations etc. that I never had and I ask people about them, and I never had them, then they just assume you are dumb and confused. My mom always tries to downplay it, but I feel like it'd be better to know that my confusion is due to my brain injury, than just me being dumb.

Just to confuse things even more ... I sometimes confuse the unsupecting by telling them that the reason i got things wrong is that its an aftermath of two lots of brain surgery ... even when I'm fully aware of my error.
It seems to work a treat ... use your newfound ability to weave around those who haven't been through what you have. Let confusion reign.
Derive. Thrive. Survive.



Just recently, I realized that i was dreaming becasue everywhere i turned there was a "no" clause. I was really confused untill i did some heavy duty concentration. Then i discovered that what i was feeling was a result of dreams and not reality. I was relieved when i found out it was a dream. Knowing it was a dream, made it easier to right was was wrong.