Does any know of having both AVM and meningioma?

Went to see my primary care doctor and one of the questions I had was regarding blood pressure medication I was prescribed a few months back. I decided NOT to add the new meds because my BP is pretty normal, actually pretty good for a man my age (56).
He agreed with my BP situation BUT I should keep it lower because of the meningioma. This was the first time I’d heard about having both. I will be speaking with my neurologist in a few weeks.

As far as I know, unrelated to an AVM but presumably less likely to grow or accelerate if he keeps your blood pressure low?

Do you have a dural AVM or elsewhere?

Deep in

Talk to the doc but everything I’ve read is that tumours and AVMs are unconnected… and you’ve got them in quite different places.

A meningioma is usually a slow growing, benign (= harmless) tumour in the meninges, of which the dura is one layer, one meninx.

So I don’t see immediately how they would be connected.

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When I was being tested for the possibility of embolization and gamma knife, the neurosurgeon detected a mass beyond the AVM which bled and caused my stroke. To reiterate, my AVM is quite deep, the reason for the inoperably, the additional mass is even deeper.
It was just a bit of surprise, if it’s actually there, because it was the first time I knew it existed.

Are you sure the deep mass and the meningioma are the same thing? From what I’ve read, a meningioma is a tumour (mass) in the meninges, so would be on the outside or where they converge to the spinal cord, as the sheath that the spinal cord is covered in are also “meninges”.

I’m only going from stuff I’ve Googled, not from any deeper knowledge. I’ve obviously been Googling stuff to try to learn about my own condition and was reading about the meninges in the last week. I’ve also learnt about anastomoses recently, which I’ve found fascinating. I’m sure AVMS are effectively anastomoses that have gone too far and hence the link to AVMs being congenital. If anyone is ever interested, I’ll share somewhere what I’ve understood so far.

So… if the mass is somewhere on your scans that would be consistent with being in one of the meningeal layers, the mass and the meningioma would be the same thing. If it is deep in your brain, but we’ll away from spinal cord or the outer coverings of your brain, I don’t think it would be called a meningioma, but I’m no expert

I hope this all helps a bit. My intention is that I’m like a friend sharing thoughts with you in the pub, not a doctor. Just the man on the table next to you, offering thoughts. Hope it comes across the right way.

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I get what you’re saying now.