Doctors in upstate NY?

Hi All - I was diagnosed 10 years ago with an AVM in my right foot and was offered surgery to remove it. I elected not to, based on the level of existing pain vs the level of scar tissue that might cause more pain and discomfort. 10 years later, however, here I am with pain that has become progressively worse and would now consider surgery.

I am new to the upstate NY area and in the small rural town where I live, I can't find any doctors with AVM experience, and frankly, I'm not sure if I should be looking for a podiatrist or a vascular surgeon? Syracuse is the closest metropolitan area and am hoping someone can direct me to some resources to find a qualified doc?

Advice welcome! Thanks

Eastcoaster, Robert Rosen is our mostly highly recommended doctor for foot avms, and he is located in NY at Lenox Hill: