Doctor suggestion around Herndon VA

Any suggestions for my wife treatment with AVM in Head.
We are having a bad experience with the current doctor, so looking for some guidance picking a good neurologist.

Thanks in advance

Hi. If you would be willing to come West over the mountain, my dad's doctor was amazing. Dr. Ireland at Valley Health/Winchester Medical Center. Best of luck.

I go to Dr Justin Fraser at the University of Kentucky. He has a wonderful bedside manner. I am a nurse and he talks medicial with me and can explain things to my husband and mother on a non medical term.

Here in New York City there are a number of amazing Docs. I am a recovered AVM patient and just had an angiogram with the best doctor I have had in the past 17 years. I can share info if you would like.

If you can come to the SF Bay Area...all here say the Dr Steinberg at Stanford Medical Center is the "best in the world". I'm sure that there are many that are called that, and justifiably so.

Perhaps the best way to get an excellent doc close to home is to get someone like a Steinberg to speak "off the record" on who they would recommend locally. My guess is that the neurosurgeons that specialize in this area is a small cadre, they know each other, and if spoken to "quietly" will give you an excellent referral closer to home.

I notice you mention "neurologist" as the need. Dr Steinberg is a neurosurgeon. My niece had both neurosurgeons and neurologists
Attending Physicians, Fellows and Residents and on her case at Stanford. It was never made clear to me why the neurosurgeons were the "case managers", and the neurologists in "2nd position". Lately it seems that the neurologists are not much involved. I really don't know why.

Another approach is to locate a hospitals that have an ICU dedicated to neuro. If they have this area; they are most likely very experienced. Then visit the Neuro ICU’s and engage the nurses in quiet conversation about who has the most experience, and who they would recommend for dealing with your issue. Once you get multiple nurses giving the same answer u may have your doc.

I have heard that “experience is what matters most”. So “How many people with my issue have u treated?” Is perhaps tge most important question. You are looking for dozens if not hundreds of patients. More is better!

And in my opinion “big name” teaching hospitals are where you will find the most talented doctors, with thousands of cases of institutional experience, teaching hospitals are terrific because you get all these bright young resident’s pushing the thinking of the “Attending Physician”. In effect you will have many specialists helping you.

You may want to ask around in the Mid Atlantic Group on the site. Perhaps you can find some great docs locally before possibly having to go out of state.

I went to UVA hospital in Charlottesville, VA (about 2 hours from you). I saw Dr. Avery Evans. He is such a good doctor. Even though every time he gave me news, it was bad I still trusted him. I think you would be pleased with him.

Unfortunatley with lots of experience here in VA I am just in Manassas so your not too far from me .... I went to GTU in DC for the longest time ... i had many embolizations there and repairs. Mine sits on my facial nerves and has completley taken over my Right ear... They wanted to send me to Harvard but after further research Dr. Waner and Dr. Bernstein in NYC (vascular birthmark center) specialize in thios and they were great i go next month for surery on the 5/17 & 18 I will keep you updated on how it goes ... but so far so good. Unfortunalty with our problem this area isnt the best there are only 3 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED specialist for this issue .... Theres also Dr.Suen in Ak which I was going to see ... But since NYC is only about a 4 hour drive for us I went with them ... and they are great ..... and Waner was trained by Suen ... Hope your hunt goes well keep me posted ! Kim

Do you still need help with finding a doctor? I went to UVA, not impressed. However, I have found extreme comfort and knowledge of a doctor in Richmond, VA. Johns Hopkins called me SEVERAL times too. Made me feel like a lab rat. If you're interested, just inbox me!

You could take the train from DC to NY Penn station to meet with the following team of docs, they are rated as some of best in U.S. google them at columbia medical/ ny presbyterian. you can call me at 973-■■■■■■■■ if you want more info/guidance. regards, sherry

Dr.DR. Peter Kim, neurologist
Dr. Philip Meyers, Interventionalist/Radiologist
Dr. Robert Solomon, Nuero Surgeon
All can be reached via phone at: 212-■■■■■■■■

Hi Sherry
Thanks for sharing this info. In my search for a new Doctor I was given the name Dr. Philip Meyers. I saw your post and I'm wondering if you know whether or not he treats AVM extremities... I was told that he also works out of Valley Hospital in Ridgewood NJ. I was so happy to hear that. I've put off my check up/treatment. Not sure if I have another AVM in my leg. I had 4 procedures in my right foot. So, I'm just wondering if he would be the Doctor for me.

UVA is a great place. Not sure how close they are to you, but they are very good. I started a foundation to raise awareness in the Commonwealth of Virginia to Aneurysms and Vascular Malformations and we are partnered with them. If you need any support outside of this group, please do feel free to contact me. I can get you in touch with UVA also if you need :)

I have heard mixed reports about Dr. Waner. He saw a little girl that my foundation sponsors and he gave them contradicting information. He also did not inform fully on some things. However, her venous malformations are complicated so your situation may be different. She is now receiving Sclerotherapy in Colorado for her "birthmark" venous malformations. Please do let me know how your experience goes with him. By no means am I trying deter you from seeing him, merely sharing another's experience with you. :)

I went to UVA and Dr. Lui was my Dr. I was there 8 days and had two surgeries and he was wonderful. I made a full recovery and would recommend UVA.

I realize the OP was almost a year and a half ago, but if you are in the NOVA area (like me) then Johns Hopkins is only 1-1 1/2 hours away. I am being treated by Dr. Alexander Coon and I can't say enough good things about him and the staff. I highly recommend them!

Dr. Judy Huang at Johns Hopkins is the best in this area. I live in Burke and have been her patient for years. I agree, most Drs in this area dont know what to do. Good luck.