Doctor and hospital recommendations in New England for DAVF

You can take a look at my past posts for history. I had an embolization in May 2018 for DAVF at Cleveland Clinic. Everything went well, but they weren’t able to fully resolve the fistula. After a concussion over the summer, I now have a new fistula on addition to the old one. So, I’m looking at surgery again. I’m seeking second opinions again. I talked to Mayo clinic, but I feel they are too far for me to travel. So, my options are Cleveland Clinic, Massachusetts General, Johns Hopkins, NYU Langone, or Columbia/Cornell Presbyterian. It’s really hard to establish a metric as to which to measure the quality of a doctor, so with the options I have, I dont know how to get to the best place. I could use whatever suggestions anyone has.

I have had DAVF embolization at Johns Hopkins and highly recommend Dr. Tamargo and his close interventional radiologist. You can look up my past posting.

Good luck