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Doc didn't pull the catheter

In 2010 I had an emergency embolization to stop/slow the bleeding on my brain before my craniotomy. The embolization and craniotomy were done by two different doctors.

Now during a recent angiogram for a blood clot in the leg, the catheter used in the 2010 embolization is still there!

My regular doctor and I was never informed about the catheter being left in my body.

Does anybody still have their catheter from their embolization in? Is this a normal practice?

I would not think leaving the catheter in is a normal process. However, if the glue set too quickly and they were fearful to pull it, thinking it would cause damage, they might have left it. I would have thought that they would have mentioned it to you and your regular doctor.

I would speak to my regular DR about it if it concerns you.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Turns out the cath tube is partially the cause for the blood clots in my leg.had i known it could cause these problems i would have taken precautions.I have learned my lesson STAY INFORMED.ask questions.

Hi, i’m new to this site and saw your old post. We have the same issue. Can I ask what happened with your retained catheter?

How can doctors justify not informing a patient of a foreign body left insitu??

The catheter is still there has not caused any more issues . I do see a cardiologist four times a year to make sure it’s not causing any problems