Do your pets act wierd?

I have noticed my cats & dogs havr been acting different. My cats have always been lap cats but in thr last few weeks i noticed that its has gotten even more intense & they have taken to sleeping around my head which is complrtely new. Also my dogs have started wanting to sniff my head. Curious if anyone has had similiar things happen?

My dog seems to understand im fragile. He is the kind of dog who will knock you over
To say hello. Still knocks others down when he is excited. He is super careful
Around me.

Glad to know I’m not the only one! Thanks for sharing.

That’s interesting that the dog sniffs around your head. Tell that to your Grandma, who doubts that there is anything wrong with your head. When I got home from the hospital my cat treated me differently. She knew not to dart in front of me while walking down the steps. Unfortunately now that I am better, she delights in chasing and tripping me.

That’s funny. Gotta love cats! Thanks for sharing. Made me smile.