Do you take Nurofen / ibuprofen?

Just a quick question

I know we can’t give medical advice but I guess I need opinions on what others do.

Does anyone take Nurofen/ ibuprofen for headaches?

I’ve been taking panadol all day every day like pre surgery but the pain is bad today and I really need to take an ibuprofen as obviously panadol does nothing really but as ibuprofen thins blood / affects clotting ability, it’s more risky “if you have a bleed”… but it does help headache massively!

Last night pain in eyes and head was very bad and I couldn’t swallow for a bit and I had tingles down my right arm

I saw normal doctor today who checked me out and said it could have been a tia or something or maybe nothing too… but I have no bad symptoms now

My doctors have generally said if I need ibuprofen, take it. But it’s just bad IF I have a bleed…

So I guess my question boils down to… do people here take ibuprofen for pain despite the risk in small chance of bleed?


This is such a tough situation. But because you have a specific history related to bleeding, you’re going to need to speak with your doctor about it. In the meantime, you may want to try some other ways to manage the headache. Heat or cold, either on your forehead or on your neck. There’s some topicals, including home made ones with essential oils, that can work really well. My point is, you definitely have options while waiting to speak with your doctor.

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I use to take ibuprofen for all my aches, including headaches

When I went in for my hemorrhage “they” said try to stay away from ibuprofen/aspirin & stick to Acetaminophen for aches including headaches - so I have


I still have my DAVF its much smaller and I am celebrex 200mg 2x a day and no issues but when I asked my stroke dr who is the head of stroke at Stanford about taking or cooking with turmeric he said he wanted me to limit to only 2 x a week. Its a natural blood thinner. I would double check with your dr first.


Wow! That is good to learn - I never knew turmeric had blood thinning properties - and, I use it daily

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I am sorry to hear of I am saddened situation but as somebody has already pointed out
other options. You mentioned about celebrex I was on celebrex also. But it was stopped by my doctor because of the risk of heart failure. Sadly I went on to develop heart failure. So just a word of caution about celebrex. I thought it was bad enough my AVM which I had treated with stereotactic radium surgery. Unsuccessfully obliterating it. I am prescribed gabapentin and co-codamol to control or alleviate my pain. So you will be very much in my prayers and thoughts. God bless you.


Whoops! Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about Advil being a blood thinner?
My daughter takes it multiple times a week for her headaches. Acetaminophen doesn’t seem to work. Gonna have to discuss this with someone…


@Gayilsmom Hello for your daughter here I have found the only drug personally that helps with my constant headache from my stroke is ketamine cause I am allergic to most pain meds. For migraines I take maxalt and topamax as a preventative. Occipital nerve blocks have been helpful too which have liodocaine and ropivacaine,

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@nadnerb Thank you for letting us know me about celebrex and the heart issues - I have heart issues on both sides of my family so I will bring this up with my pain dr - my ortho was suggesting I switch to mobic that it works for better for pain anyway.

Yes I take ibuprofen.

Thanks for everyone’s replies. Appreciated

Pain has been bad so I’ve been taking ibuprofen and paracetamol. But I have to find an alternative for the ibuprofen as it’s not safe for me

Sorry to hear of other people’s issues. Hope they work out

Thanks for the advice and options that others take and I’ll mention the ones you said Angela because paracetamol doesn’t do anything… ibuprofen does but bad for me… and I have no receptor for opiods so it’s just been paracetamol which dulls a 8/10 pain down to a 7 lol… useless

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I have used ice packs in the past. My neurologist recently prescribed a generic version of Maxalt, which helps a lot. I would advise seeing your specialist asap. Mine even does tele-health calls. Every case is different and you don’t want to mess with a chance of a bleed.
Good luck and keep us posted.

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I’m sorry to hear about your dilemma. When I was in rehab after my bleed, I was given Tylenol for aches and pains, not ibuprofen. When I came home and went to the Doc for horrible knee pain, i was prescribed strong ibuprofen. I found out about thinning of the blood from a family member and stopped on my own. I try ice, heat, Tylenol, bracing, etc; anything except ibuprofen. I don’t want to trust anyone with stuff I can decide on my own. I feel better not taking ibuprofen. Depending on your aches and pains, have a frank talk with the Dr., knowing you have the final say and no guarantees. I wish you well!


Thanks for all replies :slight_smile:

I’ve had a total of two ibuprofen in last few weeks but I’ve kept it mostly to paracetamol all day

See how I go