Do you live in florida?

Hi all. I am still around. I look here every week to see what is going on. I have seen a lot of different people start using the great support here. Then, it seems, they disappear. I think I have been here since 2008, but got angry about something a short time after joining, and quit. Not for long, because I love this site. I don’t love AVMs, but to have this place to come to is remarkable to me. I had an AVM over 50 years ago, and there was no internet, of course. There was nothing and nobody to seek help or support from who would have even known what I was talking about. No one ever heard of an AVM, even doctors. Only a neuro person may have been aware of an AVM. Thanks again, Ben.

I was wondering how many of you may live in Florida, and where. Thanks.


HELLO bEANSY !! I JUST THOUGHT OF YOU TODAY AND HERE YOU ARE . I DO NOT LIVE IN Florida but wish I did . I hope you are well . Be good to you .Take care of you .

Hi Marianne. Great to hear from you. I am doing well. If it would stop raining here, it would be better. I can’t complain about much except arthritis that came on swiftly. And I am glad I am alive to be able to complain a little about arthritis. Thanks, and hope you are good.

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Hi beans, you continue to be one of my many inspirations. I check in this wonderful community occasionally although more lately since I have been saddened by William's passing. I wish you the best always and enjoy your time in Florida.


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Hey Beans. I'm not in Florida but I'm a southern girl just the same. NC is starting to cool off and it looks like Fall may be just around the corner. Rest those arthritic joints in the pool and just lounge around all day.


I love NC. Went on my honeymoon to Cape Hatteras in a tent. That was 40 years ago. We went there many times. My brother lives in Sasapaquahaw (sp) somewhere north of Chapel Hill. We were from New York City, actually the Bronx, but I am not a fan of living there.

Take care

North Palm Beach

Sarasota, far away, right?

I live in COCONUT CREEK fl

I live in Pompano Beach. I had surgery in January and April. I was wondering if anyone else has problems with their eye constantly flashing with lightning bolts and floating things and also I’m very fatigued. Curious if it ever goes away.

I live in Sarasota

I live in Sarasota, but it has been years since I had AVM surgery. I do have flashes and have had them for a long time. I lost my vision in both eyes to the left, so the flashes are only seen on the right side of my right eye.

Thanks for replying. Hope you get better.


Thanks. I hope you do as well as I have. If you have questions, please ask. I remember so much about the whole deal. No one ever heard of an AVM then, or the name of the vision loss (homonymous hemianopia).


Land O Lakes (North Tampa)