Do you have spasticity?

hello i just wanted to know is there any body else that deals with high tone or spasticity on your effected side and if so how do you deal with it? i have it bad ib my wrist knee and elbow

I did a search for you…

Yes, I developed spasticity on my affected side. It started a few weeks after the surgery. To cope with it, I'm taking 40 mg of Baclofen ("Lioresal", 15-10-15) per day. I also stretch my muscles several times a day (leg and arm). I currently attend physical therapy daily and will continue to do so twice a week starting next Tuesday, when I'm done with rehab.

Note that spasticity doesn't go away, it's a symptom of brain- or spinal-cord damage, specifically the pyramidal system (some kind of auxilliary nerve system additionally to your motoric nerves, used to regulate the power the muscles should use).

It's not as bad as it sounds in the first place; I can cope with it. I take my Baclofen about half an hour before standing up in the morning, to give Baclofen the chance to take effect. After standing up, I strech my leg while standing at the door frame for support. I do this to take my foot out of the stretch-position.

For me it's just annoying; I wear supportive straps on my ankle to get the foot a little better in place and together with meds and regular work-outs I can walk pretty ok now (about 5 months after surgery).

Good luck!

Yea it’s been a year for me and seems not to get better with me my knee doesn’t bend while walking and my ankle doesn’t move but I still get out I walk around the house with no cane but when I leave the house I have to take it I was also told by a stroke survivor and was told if you get control of the muscles u can beat it so I am working on that

my left leg frequently goes into bouncing for hours. I don't have it anywhere else, but it's always there. i just fix it by putting weight on it, or standing on one foot for a bit. i think they called it "colonus" or something like that. idk when or if itll go away. & they helped get rid of some of the tone by botox shots for me. kinda painful as there were six of them, one straight into the knee while tensing, but they worked pretty well.

Howdy - my neurologist unhesitatingly called whatever my left leg is doing "spasticity," so I went along with it. I never thought of it as spastic - it was more of an annoying limp, and it won't do what I want it to. But she was so definitive in her diagnosis, I was like, okay! Whatevs. I take some Xanaflex (sp?)if I need to. BTW it started about 6 mo post bleed and is painful. Over the past year I've found great pain relief through acupuncture. I also use some pain management tricks (just breathing) my neurospych taught me. I just got a personal trainer and I think he has some ideas on how to address the drastic difference in the muscles on the right vs. left side. Also, I've found that heat helps with the pain. As for getting the limb to do what you want it to, I haven't figured that out yet. Although I'm told to just keep on repeating movements. :)