Do you feel like you are getting better?

I was wondering if anyone felt that their radiation treatment was working. I have noticed that I no longer feel dizzy when exercising, or jumping out of the bed in the morning like I used to be.No more bruit(whoosing sound) except once in a blue moon. Only a little tired from time to time when I over do it. I guess that would be true with anyone. It has been about 10 months since my 2nd radiation treatment. Haven't had any seizures since May 9th. Hopefully they have me on the right combo now. But I just feel like I am getting better. Anyone else feel this way?

I have to say that I am feeling the same way. I had gamma knife in 2012 and feel that things are getting better but just don't know if that is really what is happening. I have a large avm in my left frontal lobe and have only experienced the seizures..nothing else. Since it is large, I know that the chances of obliterating it is less likely. I don't know if it is the positive attitude or the will to want to move on but I find it sometimes is hard to know there are no answers from the doctors that I have encountered. I get frustrated cause there is guarantees..I guess I am looking for some reassurance what is to come.