Do you ever get tired of Thinking?

Do I imagine things? Someday's I honestly feel like the back of my head is numb. Someday's I feel like I can literally feel the back of my head pounding, briefly....
Its like I can turn it on and off.. When I think of it, it pulsates and when I'm not, I don't notice it?
Can I add insanity to the rest of my ailments?
I don't discuss these feelings with my family as they deal differently and we don't talk about 'it'...
My Neurologist communicates with me via her assistant via email so I avoid contacting her....
Then theirs the unknown!
I read but don't understand... Am I just not getting it? Or do I not want to get it because if I get it I may actually have to deal with it?
Maybe I should just stop thinking?
Does anyone else ever get tired of thinking? This nasty little beast is consuming so much of my thoughts with no answers, no wonder I think I'm going mad lol.

I feel the same way, Every time I get a pain in my head I wonder is this the day? I am constantly waiting for someone to call with my next appointment. It sucks.

I too feel the same way. Tried not to think about it as much if at all. Had second radiation treatment, a week later had a seizure, then a week after that my hair fell out in a 4 inch diameter. Kinda hard to not think of it when you got a bald spot. LOL.

Thank you both for making me feel normal lol... And for both making me smile. It is a waiting game, waiting for appointments, doctors, results... I'm learning to have patients lol..