Do you ever feel like you're alone?

ALL THE TIME! Some days I only talk to my cat and dog. Maybe you can get a pet? That might help a little. :)

Everyday!!! I am here for me and all alone!

For sure!!!always nice to have someone who "gets it"

I know exactly how you feel! I do have 2 cats peanut and shadow who are my only family; without them I would be totally lost. Sometimes I feel like I'm not providing them as much love and care as they deserve; but, when they lay on my lap or rub up against me it gives me reason to live on.

I understand that daily struggle! As my symptoms begin to increase; the hope and despair becomes more intense.

I feel the exact same way (smile)!!!

Hmm... Yup. I had a craniotomy several years ago and as far as the AVM itself is concerned, I have been given the "all clear" by my neurosurgeon and neurologit. I am happily married, have two young sons, am in frequent contact with people here on this site and have a few friends that I do not see often, but am in contact with on a regular basis and I still feel alone.

Without trying to get too philisophical, these last several years have led me to believe that the main reason that I continue to feel alone is because I miss the person that I used to be. Whenever I try to explain it to someone, I get the same reaction: "Get over it, you can still be the old you, you just need to let yourself be happy." This is obviously spoken by people that do not understand what it is like to spend almost 30 years of your life one way, then have part of your brain removed, wake up and never have things be the same again. Even after almost 7 years, it does not compare to the first 28 years that I spent developing who I am.

So true!!!

I get it and understand!

Your not alone!

It is a huge trauma for anyone and it takes time to heal...I am still trying! I understand how you feel and it sucks! Only time will tell. Chat later Erin

Too often.