Do i have a bleed?should i go to thehospital?it hurts and my ears wont stop ringing! HELP!

Hey everyone.. eversince Ive been visiting here in az for the holidays...since thursday Ive been starting to get sharp pulsating pains that last for a few the EXACT spot where my avm is...(right side of cerebellum)ive started getting them since i got off the plane... on thursday and i get a headache too in the back of my head mostly on the right i tell my mom but she thinks im overreacting but I KNOW im not...and im SCARED that what if i had a bleed?What happenes when you get a bleed...especially in myc ase whare does the blood go??? does it bleed till it overflows your head??? or does the blood go down your spine down your body or what????if i have a bleed where does the blood go? my head huirts in the bad spot and its the kind of pain that if it lasted longer than a few seconds id be crying( itd be a level 10 from 1- 10) Shopuld i go to the hospital??? and get a scan ? or what??? wo8ld a scan be able to see if im bleeding??? What can see if i am??? anything but an angiogram i hate those they hurt.....can a brain xray (whats the brain xray called? i forgot...see it or not??? oh and ALSO i was sitting in the car talkjing to my sis and alll the sudden i got deaf in my right ear and i could hear myself echo in a high pitch when i talked and a loud ringiong in my ear...and my right ear has been ringing for DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND when i turn or move my head it hurts and especially when i use my eyes to look to the right or upper or lower right.... I really thik its a bleed anfd im scared that if i ignore it something BAD will happen.please reply im so scared now. :'(

I was in AZ when I had my bleed and had the strange pain after my flight…it made me feel sick and the pain was an annoying ache that I can’t describe…my biggest regret was not going to the doctor because cad I gone in I could have been helped…the pain I was feeling was a slow leak in my brain that formed a clot. I would go if you have any concerns…what’s the worst thing that can happen? They could say you are fine…good luck!

From what you describe and how scared you are, I'd check with a local hospital. They can evaluate and then proceed from there to get a MRI or CT to confirm bleed. Better safe than sorry.

Hi Chelsea,

Even if it's nothing, you need to set your mind at ease. Since the pain is severe, go to the emergency room to have it checked out. An MRI or MRA would be best, if you're clear to have those.

Also call your AVM doc--there's probably an answering service that will call him/her and say you have an emergency and need a call back. They can help you figure out what's going on, and they can explain things to the ER staff so they know what to look for.

Let us know how things go.


I Spent Christmas eve in the emergency room.Had a few sharp pains that felt just like when my AVM bled.Stayed a few hours got a ct gave some blood.Blood pressure came down to normal and they sent me home with a diagnosis of a headache.I figure a few hours is nothing to know my brain isn't bleeding.I hate going to the hospital. But Better to get checked out.

From what I was told after my bleed in 2000, bleeds are accompanied by severe headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc. because of the pressure against the brain from the blood. The symptoms can vary so I would at least call the emergency number for my neuro and describe what it happening. It is better to be safe and I do not believe there is any such thing as overreacting. If you are scared that you are having a bleed then by all means go to the ER!! The found mine initially on a CAT scan through the ER so they should be able to start there. Hope that helps!!! Please let us know that you are okay!! Thinking of you...

Hi Chelsea, whenever you feel pain that is outside of the norm and is at a level 10 on the 1 - 10 scale, you should get it checked out and, yes, a CT scan and MRI does confirm a bleed. That's how mine was confirmed at my local hospital and they was air lifted me to a hospital that could help me. Please let us know how you make out.

chelsea, I hope you went to see a doctor and all is well. Keep us posted...

GO. GO NOW. Everyone thought that I was paranoid too. But my son had a bleed. And it was after a flight back home from hospital

I'm not a doctor but if your brain was bleeding you wouldn't be able to switch the computer on let alone see to type so coherently.If you are at all worried see a doctor.

I'd have to disagree. I survived 3 days with an active bleed. Drove to work, tried to drive back home and didn't make it. Eventually went and picked up my car and drove it home later that day. I wasn't able to do a lot, but did manage a few things for three days. Even the first doctor I saw didn't catch the stroke.

Still best to have it checked out by medical people.

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Even if these symptoms are not related to the AVM, they are enough to go to ER to see what is going on. Hope you did that already. If you are able, please let us know how you are feeling.

Take care,