Do G-Forces cause problems?

Hi everyone! I hope this message finds you all well. Are any of y'all huge hugets. roller coaster fanatics like me? Pre-AVM I would be on a roller coaster every weekend, (and I have NO IDEA how my giant AVM didn't burst earlier!), but once I was diagnosed I kicked the roller coaster habit. Now I'm recovered enough to entertain the idea of reuniting with my true love. My AVM is all gone, but I now have 2 shunts that, if messed with, could potentially cause some big big problems. I'm wondering if I'm entertaining a valid thought, or if the thought of getting near a R.C. is absolutely insane.a;though I lo-o-ve roller coasters, I'm kind of scared to go on one. What if the G-Forces mess with my shunts? Or cause me to have a huge headache? It's not like I can stop and get off in the middle of the ride if my head hurts.
Can I get answers to my questions here? Or do I need to go see my doctor?