Do AVM'S have a herediatary element?

Hi all, and thanks once again for your support and to my new found friends.

Could anyone tell me if there is a herediatary element to AVM's ?

I only ask because i would'nt want my daughters to go through what my wife did. Knowing that AVM's may be "undiscovered" for years is it a good idea for them to get checked out.


This question comes up often, Clive. There are some genetic conditions that predispose people and their families to have AVMs, such as HHT (Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia). However, these conditions are present in only a very small minority of those with AVMs, and they have other symptoms as well.

Some members here feel their children should be tested for AVMs if a parent has had one, but we must remember that most AVMs never become clinically relevant and never show symptoms. (See So, going hunting for asymptomatic AVMs is not necessarily a great idea. None of us wants to be in the position of considering whether a child should have brain surgery to remove an AVM that might never cause any trouble; the treatment might be more harmful than the AVM. Also, there is the possibility that treatment options might be much better in 10 or 20 years, or there might even be a cure.

I recommend staying aware of the symptoms of AVMs and mentioning the family history to your daughters' doctors, but not to go hunting for AVMs. If a cure comes along, then hunt, by all means.

Hi Dancermom,
Thank you for your prompt reply. My daughters and their Doctors are aware of their mum's medical history, so I feel reassured having read your reply.

Thank you