I had my avm craniotomy on 2/8/12. Last night i lay on my surgery side and got so dizzy i was sweating & naseau. I tried again this a.m. and same thing. Nervous. Anyone have this? I have not had any problems. I have l slept on this side many times.

Call your doctor, this is something they may want to see you over

I’ve been waiting. Can’t sleep. Husband & Iare leaving to Maui Saturday… Now I’m scared.

Nica, don’t let it worry you, it may be a sinus infection causing dizziness or some swelling, we always go straight for the worse case scenario :slight_smile: I’m praying for u, I hope u m ur hubby enjoy the vacation! Just call ur Dr try to go see them today or tomorrow or schedule a appt for when u get back if u feel u can wait. But talk to the nurse before getting overwhelmed :slight_smile:

Thank you. My primary opens at 8 & neurosurgeon at 9. I know I’ve had sinus issues all week. Good point. Just nervous because it felt so ugly. Thank you again.