Dizzy Spells & Fatigue 5 Months After Surgery?

This past week has been very rocky for me, health wise and emotion wise. The emotional rockiness doesn't trouble me as much as the dizzy spells I've been having for the past day and general exhaustion no matter how much I seem to sleep (on finals week, too).

It was very difficult for me to open my eyes this morning for a couple of hours, because my eyelids were too heavy, and opening my eyes were painful. Which wasn't very helpful to the fact that I have a lot that I have to finish for this final class that I have left (2 essays and studying for the final exam that is tomorrow).

I can understand the meltdowns I was having with too much stress and work (added to the general fatigue), but the dizzy spells and my body acting out, I'm not very comfortable with. I'm hoping that after I get out of school, it'll stabilize, because I cannot function like this.

After I had my meltdown yesterday or the day before (before which I was EXTREMELY stressed), I got into a span of apathy, where nothing really mattered anymore (also a problem on finals week). And I'm still a bit on it. As if I took some anti anxiety medication or something and I just don't care about anything. No sense of urgency, no sense of panic. Which is good, psychologically, but not good for my academics.

It's very weird because I have short periods of extreme hyperactiveness/alertness for a few hours, and then fatigue, then dizziness to the point of how I felt back when I began my Keppra medication last fall.

This afternoon, I had to take a nap because I was so dizzy again (last night, I had to go to bed instead of finishing one of my papers because of dizziness- I was almost sure I was going to either faint or have a seizure).

It's been over 5 months since my surgery, and I have no idea why this is happening now. I'm kind of afraid of going off my seizure medication next month, if this is somehow related to my brain...

Or maybe I'm just very tired from the end of the semester and the stress... I'm not sure.

Has anyone else had any problems with sudden dizziness months after surgery? I wouldn't be so concerned if I'd consistently had dizziness, but this just started happening.

I would suggest contacting your neurologist. I had problems with sudden and extreme dizziness about a year ago and that was 3 years post bleed/surgery. My neurologist thought it may have been a seizure disorder developing (I've never had a seizure before and am not on anti-seizure meds). For you it could be nothing or it could be a side effect of the medication or it could be nothing at all to worry about. Follow up with your doctor to be sure. Good luck!

Trish, thank you!
I think I need to make an appointment soon with my neurologist anyways to get my license back, so I'll be sure to bring it up!

Hi Hiro. I agree with Trish…time to call the doctor. I found an old blog which you might find interesting…http://www.avmsurvivors.org/profiles/blog/show?id=1543517%3ABlogPost%3A435281&commentId=1543517%3AComment%3A435133

Hi Barbara.
I made an appointment with him for next Monday, and explained the problems to the secretary who said he will call me back, so fingers crossed, he will contact me tomorrow or at some point. I'm just hoping that it's nothing serious.
And thank you for the link! I will read it tomorrow. :)

I feel for you. The reason I joined this website was so I could vent, and say all of the things I'm feeling related to hving a brain malady, and the people here would understand, whereas the average person would not.

As far as what you're experiencing, you know yourself that you are stressed. You said it more than once. I'm validating it for you. With the surgery, post surgery angst, class and just plain old life in general - it can be too much for a healthy person. Slow down and listen to your body.

If your eyes want to close, let them. I'm going through similar symptoms right now that I tried to fight at first, and then I thought, my body is telling me I'm doing too much and I'm far too stressed. Rest. If you have to, get an extension for finals. Geez, what teacher would turn you down!? lol

Tomorrow is not promised for everyone, and that's especially so for us. We have to do what we can to help insure we have more tomorrows.

Hi Teddi.

Thank you for your comment! I learned the hard way in the past year that when my body says something, I better listen!
But yes. My professor gave me extensions (she is really sympathetic to the "listening to your body" thing, so she suggested the extensions to me in the first place).
I got an appointment with the neurologist, but hopefully with the school ending, I'll be able to "snap out of it," if that's at all possible.

Good nutrition and physical cycle and sleep cycle would probably be beneficial, too.