Dizziness with Ear Clog after Craniotomy?

Hello. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced dizziness with a clogged ear since they've had a craniotomy? We went on vacation last week, and during our return flight, when we descended, my right ear was clogged and never popped. It has been 5 days now, and it is about 95% better, but I believe I have developed an ear infection now too because I have some pain in the ear. I just started an antibiotic yesterday, and in the last few days, my ear has been popping alot whenever I yawn or blow my nose.

I have never had dizziness when I have had an ear infection in the past. I know an ear infection can cause dizziness with an ear infection or fluid in the ear, but since I have never experienced it before, I am wondering if maybe I am more susceptible to the dizziness since I have had the AVM/cranio. Any thoughts or experience with this?

And btw, my cranio was performed one year ago this month, if that helps.

terrible problem wih my affected - side ear! Saw an ENT. He say ear on affected - side producing too much wax, suctioned it and gave me antibiotic drops! And 1 month post. I am All better!!!!