Divorce the gift that keeps on giving

I think many of us have lost relationships after our bleeds. I’ve been divorced for over a year. What was once painfully lonely has become pretty normal. I guess I’m developing the skill of getting over things that suck.
We are re entering the legal world. And I hope that when we’re through, I’ll have more time with my kids and more financial help. I had the time until money came into play.
Where ever this is going, I’ll get there. Just fantasizing about going back in time and walking right past someone.


Good luck with that Jeremy. I hope 2021 turns into an amazing year for all the bad reasons we’ve seen unrolling this year!

Divorce is one of the hardest things to go through and to have to go back through proceedings is tough. The UK is currently going through a particularly crap divorce with Europe, as an illustration of how bad things can get!

I hope your stuff goes well :green_heart:


Hi Jeremy

I hope all turns out well for you mate :slight_smile:

I understand your pain. I went thru divorce and didn’t see my child also.

Thing I learnt about loneliness with this is I was very lonely at first too and after a while of just having YOU there, you know yourself better and start to be more comfortable with yourself and being alone.

I hope things turn out well for you and you can see your kids more!

Hit me up for a chat if you ever need


Man, well - only thing I have learned is to really have a tough skin towards a lot of the things I have to deal with. Along with a much stronger feeling of self. I was in ER/ICU on my own due to this Covid business. I got to see my wife for about 5-10mins right before I went down for my embolization.

I’m actually kinda glad, for one - not having my family see me like this, 2 - is that it made me so much stronger in being on my own

I’m on my 2nd marriage - it’s tough. . . Going through my 1st divorce in its own felt like getting brain damage


Hi Jeremy, I had 2 divorces. 1 had to do w/ Kepra aggressiveness. The other my ex couldn’t deal w/ my seizures.
Loneliness and shame have been hard to deal w/ and divorce kicks it up a notch.
My main message here is to thank you for sharing. It helped me.


Hello @JeremyH So sorry you are going through a divorce on top of everything else. As someone who has divorced parents who have both been divorced two times. I was so happy when my parents got separated cause I honestly dont know how they lasted on a date much less lasted the five years they were married. They used to argue all the time cause they are so different-
The funny thing is they are still friends and they are there for one another. I am now 52 and my mom has even taken care of my step sister a few times when my dad and step mom went on vacation. We often all spend the holidays together. My dad still fixes my mom and Step dad plumping.

I know we are probably the exception of families that get along. Now my husband ex wife is a terrible person and a terrible mother. My husband says divorces are expensive but worth it. You may feel isolated now but one day you will be through it and find someone to share your life with that deserves your love.


To add to this a tad - “sometimes” it turns out to be a good thing - “sometimes”

My ex wife left me, and I am so thankful now - way over a decade later. . . I myself couldn’t do it at the time. It sucked when it happened - but, over the long run it really turned out in my favor, to say the least


Thanks for sharing. It’s good to be reminded that it’s possible for things to be peaceful. It’s important to keep your focus forward.

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I was on Keppra early on. I liked the way I felt but the people around me didn’t.

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Well, bud - you’re a stronger man than I am

I couldn’t stand that stuff, at all - i had horrible side effects

Luckily my neuro pulled me off as soon as I came to from my embolization

That stuff has to be the worst feeling med - for me at least

I have been lucky my girlfriend remained by my side and on top of that pandemic