Discussion Migration

Hi all,

I’ve seen a number of people looking for some of the groups that used to exist on the old site, prior to migration to this new platform last year. So, I’ve started to re-populate some of the specific groups that we have on the site. If posts you know and love have magically vanished from this category, it could be I’ve migrated them to one of the more specific discussion categories. Don’t worry, they are still here.

If you need to find a discussion, either look into the category that it is most likely in from its heading, or use the search facility.

I’ve migrated discussions to the following categories so far:

  • Spinal AVMs
  • Facial AVMs
  • Pulmonary / Heart AVMs and HHT
  • Extremity AVMs
  • Pelvic & Uterine AVMs

Discussion on treatments & options I’ve moved to:

  • Gamma Knife Radiation, including surgery v GK
  • Cyber Knife Radiation
  • Symptoms & Treatment, including Gamma v Cyber


  • Canadian sub group
  • Grupo en Español
  • Scandinavian AVM Survivors

We hope that by doing so, you’ll find subjects and discussions most relevant to you if your AVM is in one of those categories rather than lost in the melée of general discussion and brain AVMS.

By the way, did you know… if you’re viewing the site on a tablet in “portrait” layout, it only shows you the top page or two of posts. To go back to older posts, make sure you are using the tablet in “landscape” layout, and when you get to the bottom of the list, the system then looks for the next oldest set of posts.

I find I have to switch between portrait and landscape layout quite often. Landscape gives you more options but portrait is more useful for editing or writing posts.

Hope this helps,


I sure appreciate all your work with the site Richard, thanks so much!


I’m happy to help. I’ve had great support from people here, so I’m pleased to try to “give back” as best I can. We’re all in this together!