I had a hemorrhage in my left side of the brian in the speak and motor area in 2010. I had gammaknife and the avm is stunning down. This is good good thing. What I am left with is weakness on the right side of my body and therapy is not helping. Any suggestions?

Hi anjela,

I really had to give this some thought. I have weakness in both of my legs, the left being the worst. I wish I had a good answer for you. I'm still working on it myself. I started taking yoga classes 2 months ago and that seems to be helping me. Don't get me wrong - it's not a large improvement but, I can notice the difference. Perhaps you may want to look into it (?) I informed my instructor of most of my problems and she is willing to work with me. There are some poses I certainly can't do but, there are many others that I can. So, I do the ones I can and we modify the ones that I can't... :)


Hi Anjela -I’m sorry to hear of your struggling adjustment; my left side of my body - eye until surgery on it, vocal cord down to my leg was completely lost until I was able to regain a good portion of it.

Anyway, like Ben, I found that yoga exercises helped me a bunch - including an increase in strength, increased muscle mass, flexibility, attention and focus, etc. I’m very much pro-yoga exercises - can you tell?

You might find it helpful to adapt those poses that just aren’t possible for your right side right now -although where possible, do those non-resistant exercises to keep the blood flowing there. I, personally, need to do poses that are on the floor since my balance and coordination are pretty poor. Of course, like always, check with your medical doctor first.

Also, what helped me regain some strength in my left arm was squeezing what some call “theraputty”; it’s like Silly Putty with some snappy, far-out color, and you squeeze it. Probably a stress-ball would work, too.

Also in a few of my PT and OT sessions, I used what’s called a theraband for both arms and legs, and I did a lot of work on what’s called an arm-bike and the Nu-Step. There are also motorized “arm” bikes available if you want to go that route.

I’m sending you the best of encouragement.

Hey Angela, My avm was in the same area on my right side. After three embolizations that filled about half of it I couldn't move my lower left leg at all and the upper half was very week. They did gamma on the rest and after a few months I got back some mobility in my lower leg. This was 2009. I went to pt for several months and I can now walk unassisted. I still have weaknees and limited movement. I'm not sure if it will ever get any better but I refuse to give up hope. Sorry I don't have a more inspirational story for you but keep trying. Best of luck to you. Jason

Hi anjela. Besides yoga…some people have had some limited success with acupuncture. Do not give up hope. You are now on my prayer list!