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Disability insurance options?


Hello. While we all have problems and I have more than I care to think of, one of my most pressing issues is disability.

I do not have disability insurance. If the AVM had given me anoter week or two, I would have. My life experience taught me that it wasn't a pressing need. I never had a hospital stay or broke a bone. I was rarely sick. As a result, disability insurance wasn't high on my list of things of things I needed.

I have discovered that I make too much money working a shitty part-time job and cannot receive SSDI. Any thoughts on what my options might be. I'm afraid I'm SOL. Thanks.



Hi Greg-I think that I hear some frustration with this, understandably.

I don’t know a lot about how the laws with SS-D work, but you might consider doing a search on here for more info. and consult a legal professional.

I know that you can work so many hours part-time with SS-D, but I’m unsure being eligible for when already employed…probably not very desirable, but are you eligible for Medicaid insurance? Afte 2 years, in some cases, Medicaid turns into Medicare.

If you have Medi-whereas SS-D is a federal and limited income benefits, Medicaid/Medicare is health insurance-full, 80%, or less partial, depending on your coverage…that’s about all that I know about SS-D from my school of hard-knocks, but I’m sure others on here via search have encountered a similar situation.

Hang in there.


It depends on what state he is in. Each state has different guidelines and I see he is Texas so as far as insurance he will get none when it comes to Medicaid. In Texas, in order to receive Medicaid, there are high restrictions and few easy-to-meet guidelines. One rejection factor is that he is a man so he is not pregnant. If his income is sustainable, he probably doesn't meet FPL guidelines, also, Medicaid in Texas rarely covers disabilities. I was pregnant and on Medicaid when I had my bleed and crani. They give you 60 days post-partum to remain a beneficiary then you're kicked off the program. Even being hemiparetic wasn't enough to keep me on the program.
You can check Parkland Memorial Hospital. I did a search and snopes.com says they offer an indigent care program if you make less than $40,000 annually. That is how I get medical care here in Corpus. I'm on SSDI but won't be eligible for Medicare until next November (you qualify after 2 years on SSDI). For indigent care, you apply every six months and you do not have to have a disability even though they ask you why you are applying. In Corpus, it's probably the same up there, it's $5 for Dr.'s visits and any prescription (saves me almost $500/month on scripts alone),$7 for dental $10 for emergency care and $50 for non-emergency. They cover hospital stays and surgeries, everything. It's worth applying for, there's just no income like SSDI. You should definitely get a lawyer to help you with that if you have a disability. When you do apply again make sure you list EVERYTHING that is wrong no matter how ridiculous or insignificant you think it might seem (like vertigo, motion sickness, dizzy spells, headaches, even emotional imbalances). You are allowed to work part-time on SSDI but as I understand it that is something you work towards after you become disabled. They pretty much base everything off work you "used" to be able to do. It's definitely harder to apply when you are working. Good luck, hope some of this helped:)