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Disability help


Does anyone know of an organization that will help file for disability for free or an attorney that will take payment after benefits have been awarded and for a reasonable price. A nation wide one would be good.


Ben’s Friends partners with the Social Security Law group, which is nationwide and takes payments after benefits have been awarded. Click “Main” and scroll down a ways looking at the right margin of the page, and then click on their icon.


I used James Shea on Wilshire in Westwood CA although I had workers comp involved also. I was a CA girl when this happened. I tried on my own since I worked for law firms for years but they will always deny first. The judge took one look at the boxes of medical rpts along w their dr and said yea. It is a long process @ 3 yrs but he got paid at settlement. It is a set % and most attys work nationwide since SSD SSI are federal. The worst is dealing w Medicare and filing supplement low income help.