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Disability after clipping


Hi everyone!
I am hoping to find some help on some question. I had 2 Annie’s clipped in 2009. I suffered a stroke during surgery when one of my Annie’s burst. I went back to work in 4 months. I struggled suffering migraines and facial pain. Also couldn’t keep up. In Nov 2011 I was taken off work because I suffered a migraine which they thought I had another stroke. I went back in May 2012. I struggled again. I could not keep up couldn’t even write emails professionally. In Feb. of this year my pain was so bad I wanted to die work forced me to take a leave that month. Been on short term disability since then. Last Thursday I was given a diagnosis of cognitive disorder NOS and depression. I was going to return to work on Monday but I was told I should not return. Now I have long term disability. But I don’t know how it really works. And work isn’t being very helpful.
If I file for SSDI if I can’t get long term disability should I get a attorney?
Does anyone know much about long term disability? Can I came it even if I may never be able to return to work?
If I am denied can I filed for SSDI right away or do I have to wait. Scared how will I pay my bills. Lots of questions. Tell me your story if you have one what worked for you or didn’t work for you? I still have one untreated Annie.
Thank you for letting me join!
Where do I go from here?


Joanna, do you have an avm? I'm asking because we also have a brain aneurysm community that might better serve you if you do not. Just click the Brain Aneurysms link in the right hand column of the page.