Digital Subtraction Angiography

Hi. I am doing DSA (alreday had a completely clean MR and MRI but my doctor wants to be sure) next week and I am scared! Does it hurt? Do I have to stay at the hospital after and how long if?

please help!

Hi Tatiana, I've had a few of these now. Its not too painful as long as you let them get all the local anaesthetic in :) , This is just a jag in the area of the Angio. Then after that you shouldn't feel anything, It may be a little uncomfortable and I found the room to be cold also. But if you are really nervous perhaps they will be able to give you some meds to keep you nice and calm. Also note that there are 2 different ways of them sealing the wound, They can use a device called Perclose Suture Device (I think) and this means that you only have to lie still after the procedure for about 2 hours. If you just use pressure without the Perclose then you will have to lie still for approx. 6 hours to ensure the wound is sealed shut (Go to the toilet before the procedure ! lol ) . There really isn't anything to be worried about and I hope it all goes well for you which I'm sure it will. Thanks and take care, Also note the following search I ran for you to check out what others say about it :


I feel should write something about DSA for those who will do it in the future. It doesn't hurt because you have local anestetic. One thing I wish I knew was that I had to shave my bikini zone and trust me removing hair down there in a hospital bathroom with a razor was not pleasant haha
I had to stay still and could not move my leg 24 hours after the procedure (going to the bathroom isn't practical really- they gave me this thing with a hole...very complicated.
Anyhow, the test showed to be completely prefect so I avm 100% am free!
All in all, you should not be scared about it as I was :)

Hi Tatiana, Thanks for giving us an update that's great news !, I'm glad it went well for you and yes I agree that both the shaving and having to use things for bathroom purposes is not very nice to have to do without expecting them :( . Thanks again and well done :)