Did you know

Did you know that when you live in a house that was built before there were cars, the floors are rock solid but by no means level?

Did you know that if you take the rug underneath my desk to clean it because well, let’s leave it at that, and suddenly your desk chair is rollling on wood floors, it feels weird to move so easy?

Did you know that it was possible for a desk chair to gradually roll away from a desk with a full grown man sitting in it? And that makes typing kind of hard.

Yeah, I didn’t either.


P.S. Whatever you have going on this weekend, remember you are stronger. You can do this. So, whether it’s big or small, rain or shine, find something you can do and do it. Do it well, and then tell your close friends (us?) about it.

As for me - well, in an hour my 18 year old takes his driving test. Then at 3:00 we have a graduation open house for him and his best friend. Figure 2 hours of talking with lots of external noise too. But my son overcame 3 years in an orphanage and probable physical abuse and he has made it through and I’m proud of him. So I’m going to do it - full steam ahead. I’ll report back later on how it went.

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Have a great day! These are some of the things we do for those we love.

Following the London 2012 Olympics, my wife asked our son, if he were to take on a sport, what would it be? “Cycling.”
“Yes, cycling.”

So for a number of years, he was involved in a cycling club and we used to go to events. His favourite discipline was cyclo cross – as lightweight a bike as you can, through fields and hills and woods. The season in the UK for cross is basically autumn-winter, so starting in September and running to Christmas. If you’re crazy, it carries on into January and February, possibly as far as March. However, by December it is surely cold enough to put any sane person off the idea of either cycling through freezing mud in a lycra kit, or standing along the tapes shouting encouragement at each of the kids on your team.

The youngsters’ races were almost always the first of the day, so it would be up at 6:30 or earlier, dig everyone out of bed, kit the car up with the bike carrier and hack across the country to wherever the meet was this week – for 15 minutes worth of racing in the cold. We did that for years. You have to look back on it favourably but it was quite hard going in the cold and the rain and the mud and the early starts.

Today, I took the same young man to Silverstone for Fully Charged Live to see all manner of electric cars, with some gorgeous classic cars that have been converted to electric, including an Aston Martin DB6 Volante which I have to say is a completely gorgeous car and an electric delorean which seems entirely apt, post Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. So I spent the day driving to the event in the most atrocious weather, walking round on my poorly ankle (not AVM-related) and then driving back. He’s a great enthusiast for technology and so one tries to support that keen interest in such ways, hoping it will turn into a career of some worth one day. He got an offer to join the internship programme of a Dutch company and encouragement to consider Warwick university, given some of the projects that he sets about doing in his own time. It may pay off one day. Let’s hope so.

So we had a good day but my feet are both killing me.

Very best wishes for your day.