Did you hear the radiotherapy treatment for AVM?

I need your suggestion…

You are kidding, right?

Radiotherapy is a form of radiation treatment. Unless they have background music in the treatment room, all you will hear is the whir of the machines and the ventilation systems.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

No It’s not.I know radiation treatment.I had much surgery and embolization.I mentioned in the treatment of chemotherapy.My surgeon said to me.This treatment be rather a recent application some hospitals.Is there any try this???

Has anyone seen this article…
I would not be surprised if the doctor had heard about this new type of treatment!


Barbara, I read your link, and see that it deals with applying low electric current. Didn’t see anything in it about radio therapy. Maybe I’m dense and missed it.

ECE, the only term involving ‘radio’ I’m familiar with has been radiosurgery (not radiotherapy), and that was used in association with delivery of radiation. This must be something new and that’s cool. From your first short note, I didn’t know if you were making a joke or being serious.

Ron, KS

I found a link that describles radiotherapy treatment for AVMs and other lesions that are treated this way. I recently had CyberKnife radiation treatment and know that my doctor used the term radiotherapy many times.


Hope this helps in some way.


Hi Michele,

I think your link says close to what I said:

"Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy is a precise way to aim beams of radiation, from many angles, to cover a tumor. The treatment is split into a number of smaller doses (fractions) of radiation."

I’ll back out of the discussion now. If there is some other concept for what the treatment is, maybe someone can post about it.

Ron, KS

Thank’s Barbara.I read that article.My Avm on my body…my hand,shoulder …
I suppose this treatment is used in Europe but I wouldn’t know.My doctor’ve seen a seminar in Euope.the number of patients who are applied rarely.