Did anyone see this story?

I ask because when I had my stroke I was home alone with my son. I woke up on the floor of my apartment after the snap that I swear I heard. I couldn't get up blah blah blah. But I wasn't crying or freaking out. But my son, who was 3 at the time, after asking what was wrong and only getting a slurred "I don't know sweetie, don't worry," and an extremely lop-sided smile to assure him I wasn't lying (not even knowing my face was oozing further downward in front of him), he told me "you have boogies, I'll get you tissue!" It wasn't snot and I knew it but I still don't know how. I still think I was running on instincts both the motherly kind (for my son's sake) and then the human kind (to stay alive). It was like my mind was working in 2 directions, anyway, that's beside the point.
The "snot" was very stretchy, very clear yet bubbly ans stringy. It was either the purest form of mucus or something worse. Weeks later, I told my rehab medicine Dr. about this. I was in inpat rehab, had one embo and was facing another to prep for a crani in 2 months. He shrugged off the info like it was nothing so I figured it was nothing.
Less than a year later I had a new neurologist, not a neurosurgeon, just a neurologist. I told him about my extreme sensitivity to smells and how my migraines feel like they start in my sinuses (started after the crani). I asked if this had anything to do with the leakage from my nose. He had no idea what I meant so I told him about the day of the bleed and how my nose was literally oozing without me crying. He looked kind of..Idk, startled and shocked to hear that, his eyes got wide. But he said nothing.
Today I saw this article on Yahoos "trending now" section and had to read it. I wonder if this is at all the same thing. But I never got an infection so I'm not worried or anything, obviously if it was bad I would know by now (2 years later).
Did anyone else experience anything similar? I still wonder if what I experienced was snot or this brain fluid stuff. Kinda scary to know one day you could leak brain juice through your nose...

A couple of other members have reported this, kristi. One of them went back to the doctor for weeks and kept getting the brushoff -- "you just have a cold" -- until it was finally diagnosed.

When my annie ruptured I actually remember my nose starting to run too. The reason why i noted this is because i remembered reading about George Clooney having the same issue when he was injured on a movie set. But since my surgery to fix it so far I haven't had any other runny nose issues besides when i get a cold so I am thinking it wasn't anything related to the rupture.