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Diagnosis finally done!


Yes! Firstly a very big thank you to this forum for being here. I had panicked when the doctors gave the verdict of a possible AVM for my husband and I did not even know what it is. However the experiences shared by the members here calmed me down and I stopped panicking.

Well I find it imperative to share my experiences here with you all.

We are in Dubai which I now realise is almost behind by 25 years where medical facilities are concerned.
After the MRI/MRA the doctor who had suggested my husband that he could be suffering from AVM confirmed that it is not an AVM but it could be an AVF. Thats right, Arteriovenous Fistula! And the best part is they lack facilities to make further diagnosis and prognosis. Hence he suggested we hunt for doctors in our country or his home country (Germany)where treatment for AVF is done at medical research institutes or universities.

I googled and managed to find a neuro radiologist who in partnership with a neurosurgeon will be able to help my husband get better. I found out that there is a Prof.Dr. Damodar Rout in Chennai, India who is the chairman of the Ramachandra medical Center. He is an experienced neurosurgeon with a team of experienced neuroradiologists. On calling him, the people at the hospital were very responsive and co-operative and were quick in sending replies, giving phone numbers and replying our emails. Dr Rout himself assured my husband that if he goes to Chennai he will get his 3G angiogram done and only then can he confirm about the AVF, just to be sure. Once confirmed the treatment is expected to be completed in a week.

So my husband will be leaving for India and hopefully things get better soon. I will keep updating about his treatment here so that anyone who has been diagnosed with AVF can find it helpful.


Hi Riya, Good luck to your husband and I hope his scan goes well and his diagnosis is a good one :) , Take care.