Diagnosed Yesterday! What ?'s shld I ask?

Doc called yesterday to say I have an AVM in my brain and I should google it. Wow… Love my VA doc and she’s on it and I have been referred out to a specialist and waiting on an appointment. What ?'s should I be asking??

Thanks a bunch!

Hi Misti, Suraya covered it pretty well. may I also suggest that you take another person along, cos ultimately we humans tend to only hear some of what is said in consultations. My lovely other half came with me, and wrote notes ( so i couldn't dispute what was said later on!!! aren't women always right!!!)
My neurosurgeon also emailed me a powerpoint presentation that he showed us at the time of the consultation. Stay positive and strong. Tone

Love it. Already had asked my family and my boyfriend to be “educated” with me. We are all talking about procedures and stuff like we know our stuff. LOL. since my headaches this summer, I have had some issues with memory. Words don’t always come to me. You know, those things you wear around your neck when it’s cold??? Ummmmm, a scarf?! That sort of stuff and I don’t remember and keep up with things like I once could but I think being a mother to 4 is really the problem!!! Smile. Thanks for the support! I appreciate it

Hi, Misti. I am surprised that your dovtor told you "google it". Looking up a disease that way can some times scare the ---- out of a person! lol I'm sure glad that you found us!

Suraya covered the questions well. I would also ask the doctor if he he has treated patients with your type of AVM before...and if so, approximately how many. I spent my first three three years with a local neurologist who had never treated one before...I wound up educating him with things I learned from this group!

That first visit can be quite overwhelming. Definitely bring someone else with you to that first visit, as well as a pen & notebook with those questions already written in it.

Smile… Right? But my doc knows how I am and we have a good relationship… She’s a rock star! first doc of many who actually didn’t think I was CRAZY … It’s funny that the others were RIGHT though it is “all in my head!!!” lol