Diagnosed with avm yesterday

Hi everyone as all you survivors know there is not a lot of reports on avm.
For the past few days I've had severe headaches, they weren't painful moralize disturbing as if something was squeezing my head together. I work in a cardiology practice, our sonogram technician suggested she do a transcranial doppler to see the volume of my blood flow and apparently it was high than usual the cardiologist in the office suggested I see neurolgist because i may have avm. Dopplers are not very specific of what it maybe but I am know scared and I'm starting to feel dizzY.

Any time of advise or anything that you can tell me will be helpful.
Im a 26 year old female and i work as a office in a cardiology dept.

Get informed so you can be a fighter/survivor. Wish I would have known about this site when I heard the word AVM. The questions to ask under AVM would have been the place for me to start. Keep posting everyone is supportive.

Julie is right, Marv. Get as informed as possible, because knowledge is power. I wish you all the best!