Developing stutter 10 years following surgery

I was said to have been born with my AVM, except I had no knowledge of it until it ruptured at the age of 19. I had frequent headaches since youth, but because both my parents are prone to headaches, this did not come off strange and I never had a CT scan done.

Following rupture I was in coma for about 3 weeks and underwent 2 surgeries to have the AVM completely removed. Its been 10 years since that happened and I thought I had recovered to the best of my ability --of course I never feel exactly the same as what I used to be. However, I notice some new symptoms such as stuttering or spacing out when I do not get adequate sleep. Has anyone noticed delayed symptoms such as this? Its really upsetting to think I got past this trauma, but now there are new noticeable symptoms.

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Welcome to our community. Hopefully we’ll be able to help out, and I often say its great you found us but too bad you had a reason to. I had a bleed at 48, prior to that I had no idea I had an AVM. I ultimately had gamma knife 6 months post bleed, that was in 2016. I have a few lagging things, most would not notice and some speech things, aphasia, that I can usually work around quickly as it happens.

I haven’t experienced stuttering, but do notice that my level of concentration diminishes when. tired. It always did, but even more so now. I haven’t noticed anything that I would consider a form of seizure, like an absence seizure, really just attention span is shorter than usual. I am also quite type A, so that may be a factor as well!

I look forward to seeing others experiences and hopefully we can give you some useful info of our experiences. Once again, welcome! Take Care, John.

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