Depression in hospital life

Since June 2008 I have been in 11 different hospitals, and during this time I have been met with so many different types of understanding or misunderstanding, experts not knowing what to do, or thought they knew the right answer. It has been so confusing and there has been moments I wanted to end it all. Still I never managed to give up and am glad I hanged on to life, which is the most valuable we all have.


I feel like a floating air balloon,

which has lost its anchor.

Where the wind leads me from place to place,

where no meaning or reasons prevails.

What happened to the strong steady hand,

who knows how to manage this balloon and its band?

In my voyage without control,

where confusion and regression takes over.

I am looking for the band that disappeared.

I know that it is the answer to my final destination.


AVm’s are kinda like ballon’s I guess. It’s a good analogy. Just a real pain when they go 'pop", isn’t it… Hang in there, I love your posts;:))))

Oh Hanne. You do have control, don’t let the unknown scare you. We are never given issues in our lives that we weren’t strong enough to deal with. Trust in yourself and the power within you. Start to look for your own info; and besides that I’m sure a few of those docs must have brought some comfort in their knowledge. Those are the ones you trust. Read Read Read while you can. By your writing you have a talent, and are a smart person. We are here to support you. Love & prayers to you, Linda

It is nice to be able to talk the same language as the experts. It is incredible how much difference language can do, in the way the medical staff meet you as a person :slight_smile:

But sometimes the experts refuse to listen when they sense that the patient knows as much as them self about the circumstances. I have been to so many hospitals now, so unnecessary really, if they had only seen me as a whole person and not just as a result of my symptoms. Life would have been so much easier during this difficult time, and depression would not have been an issue