Depression, even after 30 years

Does anyone else have a problem with depression since your treatment? That, in my situation has been the very hardest to deal with. Not sure why. When I try and talk about it, I get looks like,it’s been 30 yrs. let it go.

In my case, Rona, depression hit me about a few month after I got out of the hospital. I'd had a bleed and was in the hospital/rehab for 3 months. I think initially I was too busy trying to survive to worry about my mental state. Depression is very common. It may not even be a side effect of your treatments, who knows? I sought the help of a therapist first and that helped but not quite enough. I eventually was put on a mild anti depressant. I took it for about a year and then I started feeling better. I was able to wean off of the medicine and now am doing much better. I would suggest talking to your doctor about it. You may not need medication but don't just hope it will get better on it's own. You do not have to live with depression. Doctors, therapists, counselors, etc. can help!

Thanks, Trisha. I do take a mild antidepressant, and it helps, but it doesn’t thrill me to take any medication, but I can tell it helps. I do feel it’s a result of my AVM. So do my doctors.

Hi Rona and greetings to a fellow New Yorker. In fact I have heard of Canastota. Are you dealing with any snow there? I look out the window and see lots of the white stuff which would be fine if it was January but tomorrow being April 1 ... lol. Regarding your depression question, no my husband would not allow me to be depressed ... if I have shown any sign of a mood issue, he makes me exercise ... again lol. I wish you the best.