Depression after Stroke?

I have had 2 strokes as a result of AVM haemorrhages, the last being 3 years ago. It left me with some minor disability but nothing major and I’ve made a full return to work. Following surgeries and radiotherapy the AVM was removed and I was told it was gone last year. I am 41 years old, married with 2 primary school age children

However in the last year I’ve started to have symptoms of what I now think is depression. I’m emotionally ‘numb’ and apathetic, I get tired a lot, have little or motivation and don’t seem to take enjoyment in anything. I’ve also become very insular and shun social occasions or interaction, which isn’t like me at all. This seems to have gotten worse over Christmas and New Year, which I didn’t enjoy at all. On the face of it I probably seem OK to work colleagues, non-close family etc. but I’m feeling lonely, bored and tired. I struggle to sleep and drag myself up in the morning. Every day seems the same

Having been an outgoing bloke I’ve found it hard to admit this to myself let alone anyone else. I know I have to go see a doctor and I will but I’m wondering if anyone else has had this post stroke and is it down to the brain injury, is it common, what can I do etc

Any one else had anything like this? Many thanks for listening

Hi Joe, yes I can sympathise with all this I had the same symptoms after I had my 2 seizures in july 2013 and my avm removed in November 2013 . I am also on carbamazipine which also seems to effect my thoughts and feelings , I also got short tempered as well and would bite at the littlest things and emotions became hard to show.unfortunately my wife and step son could not cope with me in this condition and they left me in January of this year and now getting a devorce after only 18 months of marriage because I could not see it at the time and didn’t want to admit I needed some help. At least you have noticed your issues and can do something about it before its to late. I’m sure we both won’t always be like this though it just takes time to get back to some sort of normal.