I feel like a am just falling apart physically and otherwise.

Don’t get down. There are highs and lows in each of our lives. But for all the lows we face, the only way is up. Come on girl- don’t let it get you. I wasn’t the best cheerleader in school- but know that you can get through this. You will win.

Marilyn I am so sorry. If you ever need to talk just let me know ok? I dont know your situation but I am always happy to listen! Let me know and I will give you my email, my yahoo and msn instant messanger addy, whatever I can do. You can do this ok? Hang in there, I’m here for you as is everyone else here I am sure.

Hey Marilyn, I’m sorry for how your feeling, but don’t let over come u…Been there and done that…Think good thoughts and the people who care and love you…I know i’m no-one just someone who can say i do understand…but u can get through this and am sooooo sorry for the way you feel, If there is anything i can do please feel free to ask …keeping you in my prayers

What’s going on, Marilyn? I’m here if you want to talk. {{{{{Marilyn}}}}} That was a big hug!

Thanks everyone. I am feeling a lot better since sleeping on it. Neurologist appointment yesterday was a drag. One day at a time, I guess…

Yesterday was a drag…I talked to my neurologist yesteerday and felt down afterwards too! In the words of Scarlett O’Hara, “After all, tomorrow is another day!”

C’mon Marilyn, we all have our days…find a balance in your life. My example: I’ve burning more gas than I should by going to theme parks (on my day off) working six days, drinking…stuff that makes me enjoy myself, FOR 2 MONTHS!! On ALL OF MY PICS I WAS ‘PARTYING’- Marilyn: GO PARTY…LEAVE ALL YOUR WORRIES BEHIND!!!


Hey Marilyn, hope you feeling better today, was it what the neuro said that upset you or was it the whole thing getting you down? Sometimes when I think about it I go down, its a pain but we’re aloud to - blame the avm!