Dental while having AVM

Hi all

Just one question. Anyone of you extract your tooth while having AVM?
Cause i now having toothache but yet worry it may somehow affect the AVM.

Thanks in advance :)

I would definitely prioritize the toothache. Infection can get into yoour bloodstream. Sometimes infection goes to the jawbone.

I am giving you worst case scenarios b/c that is my way of making decision.

Most likely you have a run-of-the-mill toothache, and need to see a dentist just like anyone.

I wish you all the best.

Desmomil, I had dental work, including extractions done for years with my AVM. It actually was my dentist who ordered the MRI which located my AVM because I would have a headache after having my teeth cleaned.

My anti-seizure medication is causing me to have quite a bit of dental check with your dentist and let him know what medication you are taking due to your AVM.

I feel it is important to see your dentist due to your AVM because as Eileen said an infected tooth could be more of a problem.


Where is your AVM located, in your brain I assume. Why do you think the teeth cleaning precipitated the headache, caused y the AVM? I don't doubt it at all. Asked another way, What is the mechanics of the AVM causing a headache because of a teeth cleaning? I am quite curious what your dentist said.

I am in need of a lot of dental work, my AVM is within the spinal cord at C1-C3 at the base of the brain and I am certain that it may get angry if I have too much dental work done at once.

Thanks for your time.

MY AVM was located in the left temporal lobe. I just mentioned to my dentist that I didn't like the headache I would get after having my teeth cleaned and he ordered an MRI...From that MRI, they found my AVM.

I've never been told by either my neurosurgeon or my dentist that my having dental work (and I've had a lot....I think I've paid for his child to go to college with what I've spent on my teeth...LOL) was of any danger due to my AVM.

However, Kim...always discuss this with your doctor and your dentist regarding your AVM.

Yes, I am in the process of trying to find an oral surgeon willing to treat me. They seem to have reservations because of my AVM and I guess it's location. My AVM bled in 2011 and since then I have a number of neurological issues, one of which is syncope. I lose consciousness quite frequently, due to, we believe, the vasovagal nerve being over-stimulated. Anyhow, I am quite nervous about having my teeth worked on, what's left of them because of my AVM but I'm at my limit in dealing with all this tooth pain. Thanks for sharing.

Kim, I think I'd try university dental surgery school; perhaps there would be more collaboration with a neurologist?? I wonder if you will be at risk of syncope; due to the meds used to numb the area. Maybe you will be most safe with an anesthesiologist in an OR.

Here's my guess as to why Louisa had a headached after the cleaning. I always take a Motril on dental cleaning days. I feel like a baby, there no even drilling which would cause vibration of jawbone to skull. The Motrin is for the swelling that follows the cleaning. I do sound like "Princess and the Pea" but this is what happens to me. I have an extremity VM; never had a finding in the cranium. Kim, I hope this gets worked out soon.

I think the headache, for me, is having my mouth open so wide for so long and pressure exerted on my lower jaw during the cleaning. When I talked with my dentist afterward he agreed and highly encouraged me to take acetaminophen before future visits as a preventive.

Not directly what you asked but it may help. I had a craniotomy following CM in Brainstem. I have to get my teeth cleaned more regularly now. Every 3 months when every 6 before. I lost some feeling around the gum line and now have a hard time flossing. I’ve had to get numbed. So far so good.

Thanks all for the replied

Appointment next week 15th with the dentist.

Good. Pls let us know how it goes.

I had dental work held up for a week while my neuro was on winter vacation. Dentist wouldn't do a thing until I was cleared. It was a bad wisdom tooth that needed to be extracted. Oh, yeah, I'm drop dead allergic to aspirin, motrin, alleve, and other NSAIDs. I also didn't know I was able to take Tylenol in extreme cases.
I was recently given another list of OTC stuff I can't take.
Good luck to you!

i am quite interested to hear about this as my avm is in my lip and lower jaw, and where any dentist would inject the numbing agent my mouth is full of onyx also so i personally am in a bit of a grey area. I have asked all parties involved but they have no idea if i could have dental on my lower teeth because of all this.


I have extract & implant my tooth without any problem. But before that i consulted
my DR & he said as long it don’t caused to much pain (Worry of High blood pressure).

Good Luck all