Denises rehab

sorry that i havent updated my wifes progress lately, we’ve been really busy. we are still in the hospital and denise is working hard in rehab, both mentally and physically. her progress has been amazing and i am so proud of her, she is truly an inspiration to me. we have been blessed in so many ways. our family and friends have rallied around us to help with our girls, home, finances, and most of all their support. we get to go home this week and we couldnt be happier, our little girls await!denise still has alot of recovery to do, i know in my heart she can do it. she will be in touch with all of you soon, thank you all and god bless you.

Thank you for keeping us updated and please give Denise a hug for me!

Hello Moss Family,
We are so glad Denise is doing well in therapy it really is amazing challenging work, I remember well when my husband went through it several months ago. He was so determined! It sounds like you both have wonderful families, support is so important during this time. Our thoughts and prayeres are with you all, and we look forward to hearing about her continued progress.

Very happy to hear you get to come home. It is very difficult work, but it sounds like she’s making great progress. You are wonderfully supportive and that’s awesome! You should be proud of yourself as well. You remind me a lot of my husband, who is my hero!

thanks for the update its great to hear denise is doing so well…it is a long road…but with determination, couragage, persestence and positivity denise will get there…and having such supportive family and friends always helps…you guys are in my prayers xxx

thats great to hear sounds like she will have a speedy recovery