I had my AVM back on 2001. Have many of you passed the year year mark?

We have a couple of members whose avms were removed in the 1970s and 80s, if you can believe it. I see you have found our "Long-term Survivors" group. I imagine more members will join it, soon.

Kaled... My AVM was diagnosed in 2007......In August of this year, it will be my 5 years anniversary that I am AVM Free!

I’m new to the game - my AVM hit in 2013. But check back in 2025 and I’ll be here. :wink:

My AVM was diagnosed and repaired by craniotomy in 1977 while six months pregnant. So that will be 37 years for me this September.

Thanbk shaharing

You're welcome. I don't think I'll make another 37 years though. The bleed happened at age 28 and I'll be 65 this year.