Delicate Steps

A poem touching on my experience with learning how to walk again after having the GammaKnife surgery to obliterate my AVM.

Delicate Steps

Slowly arising in this hospital room
It all looks to be so new to me now
Even though I have been here for days
Yet I recall how I had gotten here somehow

Close to death at some point
A fighting spirit has overtaken
An inner strength beyond all I knew
One finished battle as I awaken

Now with a cane in my right hand
My nurse’s hand holding my left
There’s something new for me to learn
Once again taken my first steps

Something that most do so naturally
A natural function they do everyday
Takes me a lot of effort to stay stable
Putting one foot in front of the other along the way

I took it for granted when I was in good health
Now I wonder if I will ever be able walk again
I am told how strong I was to have beaten this
But how weak I have felt since then

Deep within this heart do I reach
For some small amount of strength at least
To make my way to the other end of the room
Leading this delicate frame on unsteady feet

Although doubts constantly arises
In this still healing head of mine
I keep up with these walking trails
Throughout these weeks strength do I find

And what a small accomplishment it is for me!
Walking a small distance on my own I make it through
Small accomplishment for some, but to me a great one
Discovering courage of which I never knew

One obstacle down, another I must begin
Throughout this course of my recovery
I’ll take this one delicate step at a time
With open mind to learn from this journey

And I step outside to see the sunlight
(Life, the outside world in front of me in view)
The same life I have seen for most of my 26 years
But to me it now looks to be so new

© L. Wilson 2014


Leslye, you have a talent with words. Thank you for sharing this poem and I have no memory of my time of relearning to walk but your poem helps me understand a little of my own journey.

Thanks so much, Susan! I'm glad that the poem helps you understand a little of your journey with AVM. What I hope to do in the future is publish a book with poems about my AVM journey. I want to publish something that not only AVM survivors can relate to, but other survivors as well. I plan on ending the book with poems of hope to end it on a positive note.

I hope that you are doing well. *Hugs*

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Thanks for the reply, Leslye, and hugs back to you. Your book goal is commendable especially about encouraging other survivors and I look forward to reading it. Yes, I am doing well and headed back outside to enjoy more vitamin D!

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