Oh man. I haven’t posted anything in a while…sorry.

Recently results from an anguigram showed that the size of the AVM had decreased from the medical procedures I went through,especially from radiation. Unfortunately though it’s still there.

The neurologist suggested I go through another radiation procedure to end the AVM in my brain once and for all. As much as I want this to happen,I was traumatized enough by the first time,that I ended up crying pretty much every time the gamma knife procedure was explained to me. Clearly I’m scarred for life,and as badly as I do want the AVM to be obliterated,it’s not like losing it will make all my problems disappear. As much as I wish that was the case,I still have all this present weight on my shoulders,remnants from my incident. I desperately hope there’s a better and brighter future in store.

I hope so too! We can only stay positive :slight_smile: