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Deer hunting




Just wanna mention as a former hunter myself, nice buck! I lost vision in my right eye and partial in my left so I don’t hunt anymore myself, but that is a nice one!


Thanks. Deer and turkey are what I hunt most of the time. As for my eye sight it’s funny how it works. My right eye is damaged from my bleed but my left eye is 20/20. When hunting I go right handed and most of my guns have a scope so I can see better. But if I’m using a pistol or bow hunting I youse my left eye but I’m shooting right handed. My friends joke about it because it looks like I’m shooting blind.


Good job! Not a hunter myself, I prefer bass fishing but it’s all outdoors!


I’m just going to say how different the world is when you meet different people! Not my cup of tea, to be honest. Interesting share, though. Thanks John.


Hey John it is a nice buck. I’ll briefly tell you about my son’s buck. Cody’s AVM affects his vision and it’s impossible to look thru a scope we were put in contact with a guide named Bo who helps handicap hunters { All Things Outdoors}. He had a large tripod and a camera system that looked down the scope. Cody was able to harvest a nice buck with his help. My family has hunted eastern Oklahoma for 70 yrs or so and Cody has gone we me since he was 5 he’s 37 now and for him to be able to shoot a deer was a great feeling for him and his father. It is great that you are still out there enjoying life. Ron


Nothing better than hunting camp, especially now that my grandsons and one granddaughter come. We have a special season here for handicapped hunters and novice hunters in most areas it’s either sex. But what want to know is how have you done latley John???



Well shotgun season is coming up not too far from now. As for any thing else I hunt is Turkey. That’s in early spring. Here’s last April.


That was the best bass I ever nabbed, but it’s hard to carve a bass for Thanksgiving!