Deeply located avm near optic chiasm and pituitary gland

I was diagnosed with an avm recently near my pituitary gland I have suffered from seizures and a lot of other hormonal disorders due to the location of the avm. my neurosurgeon says they cant do anything cause risk of me going blind is too great. anyone have any success in having any treatment done? radiology oncologist wouldn’t do gamma knife for same reason. hope to get some answers soon

my avm is in the brain stem - it controls all bodily functions and senses - i must admit i had a load of opinions seeing different neurosurgeons every week..... but i found someone who would help me! of course I am in Australia and the health care system is more fair than the american system - don't give up though - find someone who gives you a more positive outcome. they are out there. the reason most say NO is because they dont feel comfortable, they are not experienced in the area, seek out the best, rally a fundraiser - demand your right to good care.