Decisions, decisions

My disability comes at a great loss. If I am to take full advantage of it I must walk away from behind the styling chair. A chair that has brought me much joy over my 30 year career. My friends, my connections and a lot of my knowledge. It is "job" specific, meaning I could never do hair again but still remain in the industry in other ways. I was going to have to at some point move away from the chair but I wasn't ready yet. I can not work like I used to and find it frustrating and the decrease in salary is making a financial impact. The "partial" disability does not cover the loss so taking full disability will allow me to have partial income and find part time employment to make up the difference and time to heal. I know what I need to do but having to make the choice right now is overwhelming. I am not sick. I am just tired. I am older now. I must be wiser.

Funny, all this started with just wanting to get some lunch.


From what I can remember taking Psych 1101,…(many, many years ago),…it is human nature to feel as if we are in control of our destiny. Then, at times, beyond our control, we are faced with a choice or a decision that we were NOT actually prepared for. (Ergo, we must realize, in all actuality, we are not in control of our destiny) (go figure,…lol)

It is this “loss of control” that has the tendency to, throw a monkey wrench into our “plans”.

I can readily empathise with your situation. However, (reading between the lines), with you being in the business for 30 years, I am sure you have made tentative plans to move in another direction within your chosen field.

Ya juz ain’t ready for dat juz yet,…lol

You know better than anyone else what your financial responsibilities/obligations are, and what you need to bring in to meet those creditors statements.

Lori,…I guess what I am trying to say is that I do understand what you are feeling and that you are NOT alone.

We, The AVM Survivors, are here for you and will help in any way we can,…

I send you my best wishes and prayers. The right decision will make it self know to you.

Your Friend,…