AVM Survivors Network

Dear Brain


The betrayal of my life, Happened when I met you
I never even knew you existed, But you’ve scarred me through and through.
No longer do I think of you, as a friend that has my back
I only ever think of you, as the friend that had to attack.
You attacked me in such a way, that could have taken my speech
You attacked me in such a way, that could have made life bleak.
You betrayed me like no other, my friend, my kin, my brain.
You just decided one day, that you wouldn’t be the same.
So that one day had come, you ruptured without warning
I am thankful to this day, that you didn’t warrant mourning.
Yet still the worst was yet to come, a new diagnosis I would get
An AVM I was told I had, my future was not set
So the battle now has begun, your betrayal I will not forget
I will battle you round for round, I will beat this inner threat.
I may whimper at every ache, and battle well into the future
I have people that make me strong, I have Corey, and Spencer and Cooper.
You will not win this fight, brain, you will not take my life
You see I’m a tough bitch, a warrior, a survivor, a mother and a wife!


Very nice and inspiring :) , Thanks for sharing