Dead Embo

My very first avm treatment, embolization was nov. 23rd, and it was a tough experience.It has been decreased, but I still have been dealing with an ataxia(couldn’t grab anything first 2wks.)since surgery. I cannot walk again, and have double vision, too.

The good thing is, my avm is 75% gone, and ready for GK.

hang in there! i had an avm stroke, embo., ataxia, double vision… i had the 2 brain surgeries in july and nov. of 2008, and i had eye surgery about 5 weeks ago to fix the cross-eyedness and double vision and was hopig balance… no dice yet on the balance issue, but at least people don’t look at me right away like i’m a freak.

Mariko , 75% gone is a fabulous result !!
The after-affects are ( hopefully ) wanning with each moment of healing and I pray that the GK goes smoothly and gives you the ultimate result .

One moment , one breath , one task at a time .
Be good to you . Take care of you .

Mariko…I’m glad to hear that you actually had it done after so many cancellations but that makes me feel so bad that you are having these difficulties. I can’t imagine how difficult and scary this must be. I hope your Mom was able to come over to be with you. Good luck with your Gamma and I am thinking of you.

thank you very much girls, I am still far from walking, but I am in PT and working on my coordination…
please forgive my slow response.

Hi Mariko,

Great to hear from you again. Sorry about all the complication, but I’m happy that the AVM is well on the way to being gone. Hope the side effects of surgery work themselves out.

Take care,