Day 7, New Digs

We made it.
We are at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.
We were told at one time Scott would never be able to come here.
But here we are.

7th day at the 4th hospital, Over 5 months since the AVM bleed.
We were told to give up on life, to give up on hope, to let go. We were told the stroke was too big, that he would never get to level he needed to be at to get here. We had patience, hard work and love... and here we are.
My husband is walking, standing, cracking jokes, playing guitar and drums, EATING (he had serious dysphasia) and constantly showing me his love.

If you are looking for inspiration, looking for hope, look to Scott.

He is remarkable.

Good for you in posting this blog and I checked out the rehab hospital online. The place looks great and yes Scott is remarkable and so are you! Oh, patience from everyone including the caregivers is one of my keys to a successful recovery so yay for all of you!

Has it really been 5 months?!?! Congrats on the new digs :) Go, Team, Go!!

I'm so happy for you and Scott! You both are fighters! Good for you!

Stay Strong & Stay Positive!